— I'm Maxime, an engineer specialised in audiovisual arts

I've always been drawn by film making, photography and arts. I'm well versed in many skills around audiovisual creation, from shooting to post-production. I'm also a full fledged software engineer and using these skills to design new creative experiences. I love to work on audiovisual and art projects where my creativity and rigor can be an asset.

I'm always looking for new projects — if you would like to make something together, get in touch !

— What I do

I make movies

I direct short movies, music clips, concert recordings... And I join movie crews as a camera operator, camera assistant, or sound engineer during shooting, as a colorist or sound mixer during post.

I work on any kind of creative projects

Photography, video, museography, digital arts... If it's creative, I'm in for it !

And I code

Web apps, software, mobile apps... With my experience as a software engineer I design workflows to gain on productivity and I develop innovative solutions for art projects.

Overview of my work

My last short movies as a director

My other creative projects

Overview of my colorist works

Work Experience

Audiovisual engineer, film director / Space Dances


  • Film maker of 360° dance videos for Augmented Reality
  • Design and development of an automated rotoscoping process for body extraction
  • Creation of a computer-less and mobile render farm to turn any computer available into a render machine in a few minutes
  • In residency at the Subsistances

Software Engineer in digital arts


  • Working on the development of Millumin, a full-fledged solution for audiovisual shows and art installations
  • Software engineer for The Live Drawing Project, a realtime collaborative drawing installation

Speaker / Mirage Festival

April 2019

  • Masterclass speaker on video workflows for 360° videos post production and Augmented Reality
  • For the Mirage Festival, a digital arts festival
  • As part of the Space Dances project

Film Maker / The Live Drawing Project

March 2019

Web Designer / The Live Drawing Project

March 2019

  • Development and deployment of a responsive and optimised website for the Live Drawing Project
  • SEO optimisations for the best ranking in search results
  • The Live Drawing Project website

Director of photography / Short film

March 2019
"Ouno" directed by Alex Boulin

  • 3rd public prize

1st Assistant Camera / Short film

February 2019
"Esteban" directed by Sebastien Jimenez, cinematography by Pierre Chamming's

Director of photography, colorist / Short film

February 2019
"La Cible" directed by Alex Boulin

  • 3rd public prize

Director of photography / Short film

December 2018
"Toc toc" directed by Nicolas Sintes and Vincent Montalieu

  • Night lighting for a 4 minute sequence shot inside a small apartment
  • Creative light set-up with minimal budget (cheap LED spots, construction spotlights and some cheap photography studio lighting)

Full Stack Engineer / The Live Drawing Project

December 2018

  • Development of a collaborative and realtime live drawing application
  • Users draw on their phones and all their drawings appear in realtime on a wide screen
  • Javascript stack using React, VanillaJS (ES7) and Node.js
  • Entirely working on web sockets, fallback on classic HTTP for old browsers
  • Deployment with AWS Fargate and docker containers
  • The Live Drawing Project

Museum scenographer / The Humanlapse Project

October 2018

  • Conception and crafting of an art installation based on handmade wood video frames
  • Exhibition set-up and dismantling
  • Maintenance of the art exhibition for a month
  • Pictures and videos of the exhibition

Camera Operator / Concert recording

Spring 2018

Sound Engineer / Short movie

"Quand le loup n'y est pas" directed by Josephine Santraille
Spring 2018

  • Dialogue recording in harsh conditions: windy cliffs and in the middle of strong current rivers
  • Sound design of heartbeats
  • Sound mix with a tight schedule
  • Supervision of a novice sound assistant

Colorist / Short movie

"Harmonie des sphères" directed by Vincent Montalieu

Colorist / Short movie

"Eva" directed by Julien Gasparoux
Spring 2018

  • recovery of noisy and under-exposed images
  • complex color matching

Film Maker / Aftermovie

"Baraqu'en Prose Aftermovie for Prose Events
February 2018

Sound Designer / Alarm Clock

Winter 2017

  • 1' alarm clock music designed for a slow, calm but efficient awakening
  • Available here

Camera Operator / Concert recording

Autumn 2017

  • Multicam & sound recording of a concert for the Badhinjan Trio

Assistant Director and Director of photography / Short film

"Harmonie des sphères" directed by Vincent Montalieu
Summer 2017

2nd Sound assistant / Feature film

"Lune Rousse" directed by Cecile Briffoz, cinematography by Philippe Brelot
Summer 2017

  • laval mic placement, boom operator, ambient sound recordings
  • back-ups, quality reports

Co-director, Post-production, Leading Role / Short film

"Ma Cousine" with Clementine Brochet
Spring 2017

  • Sound mix and color grading supervision

Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Post-production / Short film

"La Rue" with Clementine Brochet
Spring 2017

  • Visual effects to reduce the crew reflection on windows
  • Heavy sound mix to recover sound from bad recordings

Before 2017

Director / IT Project progress videos

  • Videos following one of my academic project development through a year
  • First video : desktop animation showing project's concept
  • 2nd video : sequence shot showing project progress
  • 3rd video : promotional clip showing the project's vision
  • 4th video : animation showing the User Interface of a mobile app

Co-director / IT Project Showcase Video

  • Video of an Augmented Reality golf game
  • Interviews, game demo recording

Film Maker / Camera Sample Test Video

  • 2" Video clip "Sunrise" available here
  • Shot with a Nikon D5500 DSLR

Co-director / Fake TV show Trailer

  • Parodic trailer of the "True Detective" show
  • Camera and sound operator
  • Available here

Director / Short film

  • 2" short film "La Traque" for a student contest

Director / Short film

  • 1" short film "Le Chant des Oiseaux" for the Mobile film festival

Director, Composer / Short film

  • 2" video clip about a man having an Insomnia

Director, Leading Role / Short film

  • 2" short film about hunting "La Chasse"

Co-director / Promotional clip

  • Promotional clip against racism for "SOS Racisme" French organization

Composer / Short film

  • Short film about cults "Le Dogme du bonheur"
  • 1"30 ambiance sound composition

Director, Visual Effects / Short film

  • 2" short film "Je suis ton inspiration"
  • Visual effects to simulate a camera moving around a computer screen

Camera Operator / Culture Event

  • Conference, musical performances and projections
  • Nantes, France

Film maker / Retirement party

  • 5" video clip of the party and farewell messages
  • Made for the engineering school In'Tech Info, Paris, France

Director / Short film

  • 2" short film "Je suis Paramnésique"

Director / Short film

  • 2" short film "Initiation"

Camera/Sound Operator / Short film

  • 20" short film "Vigilantes" directed by Vincent Montalieu