— I'm Maxime, an engineer specialised in audiovisual arts

I've always been drawn by cinema, photography and arts. I'm well versed in film making from shooting to post-production. Being a full fledged software engineer I use these skills to design new creative experiences. I love to work on audiovisual and art projects where my creativity and rigor can be an asset.

I'm always looking for new projects — if you would like to make something together, get in touch !

— What I do

I make movies

I direct short movies and I join movie crews as a camera operator, camera assistant, or sound engineer during shooting, as a colorist or sound mixer during post.

I work on any kind of creative projects

Cinema, photography, digital arts... If it's creative, I'm in for it !

And I code

Web apps, software, mobile apps... With my experience as a software engineer I design workflows to gain on productivity and I develop innovative solutions for art projects.

Overview of my work

As a film maker

Other projects

Distinctions, Awards, Exhibitions

Work Experience

Visual Arts Engineer, Film Maker / Space Dances


  • Film maker of 360° dance videos for Augmented Reality
  • Design and development of an automated rotoscoping process for body extraction using computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence approaches
  • Conception of a computer-less and mobile render farm to turn any computer available into a render machine in a few minutes
  • In residency at the Subsistances

Software Engineer in Digital Arts


  • Working on the development of Millumin, a full-fledged solution for audiovisual shows and art installations
  • Software engineer for The Live Drawing Project, a realtime collaborative drawing installation
  • Software engineer for Museopic, Research and Development on state of the art Augmented Reality technologies


  • Short jobs on art projects & art shows as a developer, adviser or film maker
  • Deep dedication in joining all kind of movie shootings as cinematographer, sound engineer, colorist or crew assistant
  • Film maker for cultural and corporate events
  • Conception and crafting of scenographies for art exhibitions
  • Conference speaker and workshops in visual arts
  • Web designer

Filmography (Tech Crew)

L'héritage, Ep 1. (2019) (post-production)

Web series by Carole Siret - 5'
Role: Cinematographer
Shot with Nikon DSLR

Harmonie des sphères (2017-2019)

Short movie by Vincent Montalieu - 20'
Role: Cinematographer
Shot with Lumix GH2

Franchement, ça se mange (2019)

Short movie by Bertille Garraud - 3'
Role: Colorist
Shot with Lumix GH5

Ouno (2019)

Short movie by Alex Boulin - 3'
Role: Cinematographer
Shot with Nikon DSLR
3rd public prize, Kino Lyon

L'obsession du lac (2019)

Short movie by Bertille Garraud - 3'
Role: Colorist
Shot with Lumix GH5

La Cible (2019)

Short movie by Alex Boulin - 3'
Role: Camera, Colorist
Shot with Canon DSLR and Sony Alpha series
3rd public prize, Kino Lyon

Esteban (2019)

Short movie by Sebastien Jimenez - 10'
Cinematography by Pierre Chamming
Role: 1st Assistant Camera

Toc Toc (2018) (post-production)

Short movie by Nicolas Sintes and Vincent Montalieu
Role: Cinematographer
Shot with Lumix GH2

Petit poucet (2018)

24h short movie co-directed with Steve Houeto and Gaelle Costa Ellias
Role: Co-director
Shot with Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Eva (2018)

Short movie by Julien Gasparoux - 4'
Role: Colorist
Shot with Sony Alpha series

Quand le loup n’y est pas (2018)

Short movie by Josephine Santraille - 20'
Role: Sound engineer
Shot with Lumix GH5

Yllib (2017) (post-production)

Feature by Cecile Briffoz
Cinematography by Philippe Brelot
Role: Sound assistant


  • Entrepreneurship studies, Lyon, France
  • Engineering school, Nice, France - Specialised in multimedia